Niki and Carolyn

Niki and Carolyn met on Twitter chatting about all things SEO. They finally met in real life in May of 2019 (took long enough!) at Shine Bootcamp in Vancouver.

Since then, they have been #SEOBFFs–helping each other edit articles, bouncing ideas off each other, listening to each other complain when the other is stuck, and helping solve problems.

While they were chatting, they both realized that they shared a common viewpoint:

Google My Business was built to help the small business owner “do it themselves,” but so many areas and elements of the local SEO resource were confusing and inaccessible to small, owner-operated business owners. Even those with a few locations didn’t have the resources or tools they needed to understand it.

And when a few people Niki and Carolyn worked with tried doing things on their own (and, heck, even following the advice of Google’s own support!), the business owners found themselves digging deeper into a place they knew nothing about.

While complaining to each other about it over Slack, Niki and Carolyn came up with the idea of GMBforSMBs. Google My Business for Small and Medium Businesses is a resource to tell you–in actual “small business lingo” how GMB actually works and how business owners can benefit from it.